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Family Celebrities
Several television and screen celebrities have a home at this web site, and you are related to them. This relationship comes, not through Stephen Randall, but his wife, Elizabeth Swezey.

These include:
Actor, Tom Hulce, who played Mozart in the film, Amadeus
Actor and dancer, Patrick Swayze
Academy Award winner, William Holden
Veteran newscaster, John Cameraon Swayze, predecessor to the Huntley-Brinkley Report
Hulce and Swayze are spelling variations of Hulse and Swezey, two names that appear frequently in the Long Island Randall genealogy.

You'll have to check my math, but as near as I can figure, this is how you are related to them:
Here is the lineage for the Long Island Swezey's that connects you with all of these celebrities.
Elizabeth Swezey and her father, Stephen
A Randall Family of Long Island, New York by Lanyon and Wells
The Long Island Swezeys, generations 1 through 3
Linking Elizabeth Swezey and father, Stephen to the Long Island Swezeys
 Linking Hulce, Holden and Patrick Swayze to the Long Island Swezeys
Linking John Cameron Swayze to the Long Island Swezeys